Struggle for Survival 掙扎求存(紙袋體驗活動)
2023-07-06 (星期四)
On 6 July 2023, to improve English and life skills, S.4 students attended the activity called Struggle for Survival organized by Crossroads International, in which they tried to earn enough to survive by making paper bags out of newspaper and home-made glue. They had to earn enough to pay for rent, food, sanitation, medical needs and, if they were fortunate, education. Those that could not make it end up in the hands of a loan shark. This simulation program threw participants into the hopelessness and intricacy of the poverty web. This is hoped that participants can enrich their experience as almost one in ten people around the world are surviving on less than USD 1.9, but nearly half the world’s population lives on less than USD 5.5. Organizations around the world are working to find sustainable ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty. Providing shelter and dignity to the homeless, helping farmers sell their produce at a fair price, improving access to health care and clean water, are all ways through which the lives of communities are being transformed. 為了提高英語和生活技能,中四學生在2023年7月6日參加了十字路會組織的掙扎求存活動,他們通過用報紙和自製膠水製作紙袋來賺取足夠的生活費。他們必須賺到足夠的錢來支付房租、食物、衛生設施、醫療需求,如果幸運的話,還可以支付教育費用。 那些無法生存的人最終落入了高利貸者的手中。這個模擬程序讓參與者陷入絕望和錯綜複雜的貧困網絡中。希望參與者能夠豐富他們的經驗,因為全世界幾乎十分之一的人靠不到 1.9 美元生存,但世界上近一半的人口靠不到 5.5 美元生活。 世界各地的組織正在努力尋找可持續的方式幫助人們擺脫貧困。 為無家可歸者提供住所和尊嚴,幫助農民以公平的價格出售農產品,改善獲得醫療保健和清潔水的機會,這些都是改變社區生活的方法。
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